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About Michelle

I’ve been performing in front of people in some form almost my entire life. Seriously. I mastered George Jefferson’s famous walk at 2 ½ years old (Google him – he was hilarious). Since then I’ve played instruments, sung, acted, facilitated, coached, and keynoted around the world. And I’ve had a chance to work with everyone from A-list actors, executive directors, management teams, college students, recovering addicts, and county jail inmates.

My diverse experiences have shown me that regardless of the job, age, or culture, everyone wants to be seen and respected for who they are. Public speaking is perfect for accomplishing that. And because communication is an outer expression of inner experience, it’s also a brilliant tool for personal development.

With my products and services, you get all my passions – performing, teaching, psychology, business, and personal growth. Oh, and frameworks. My biggest passion of all is creating practical frameworks that make complex ideas really simple so that they lead to real transformation.

I know what it takes to be in the spotlight and shine. You deserve to feel confident sharing your voice, and I want to help you show everyone just what you’re capable of.


"The experience of working with Michelle is easily one of the top moments in my career. Michelle not only helped prepare me for the presentation, but she also helped me with communication and life skills that I will carry with me for the remainder of my career."

- Joseph S., Managing Director 

"Every hour I spent with her was so worth the time! I engaged Michelle to help me articulate my brand and storytelling as well as work with me on my delivery, confidence, and executive presence. She was able to zero in on my needs, get to the root cause of where I was having challenges, and help clarify my message."

- Nicole P., Partner

"Michelle was a pleasure to work with. She helped me to find my own voice and be able to develop materials that reflected my true character. This made it so much easier to present the material. Then Michelle helped me to bring out the best in my own delivery by finding ways to let my personality shine through."

-Rebecca C., Partner

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