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It's time to turn every chance you speak into a stepping stone for your career.

And become a better you in the process.



You’re smart and talented. But often, that’s not enough.


The truth is that critical career decisions are made based on your presence - how you present yourself and your ideas.


Don’t let insecurity or lack of experience hold you back. You can transform your communication into a competitive advantage with techniques that Hollywood actors and screenwriters use to captivate audiences - from the comfort of your home.


Imagine having presence that is authentic, confident, and purposeful.

That’s what Star Presence™ is all about.


Here's what you'll get in this online course:


Defining Presence

Learn the building blocks of personal power and the secret to finding your unique balance of relatability and strength.



Presence means being comfortable in your own skin. Explore your insecurities and gain tools for boosting your self-esteem.



Overcome self-doubt by understanding how you develop confidence and learning techniques to make you feel self-assured.



When you’re in the spotlight, you can’t fake engagement. Create a meaningful vision that makes you want to show up and deliver.


Define Your Message 

Need focus and structure? Turn your ideas and knowledge into a message that’s clear and actionable so that you get results.


Deliver The Emotion

No more "robot delivery." Take master classes on how to use your face, voice, and body so that you’re more expressive and engaging.

Need an introduction?

Watch a mini-webinar about the course with your facilitator, Michelle Anne Johnson.


Learn From An Expert

Michelle Anne Johnson specializes in helping leaders at all levels – executives, technical subject matter experts, and high-potential professionals – prepare for high-visibility presentations. The key is speaking with Authenticity, Confidence & Purpose, which is the heart of her research-based framework: the ACP Presence Model.

An accomplished actress, Michelle was a professional performer in Los Angeles for over 20 years. She co-founded an award-winning theater company, wrote and performed in sketch comedy troupes and her own one-woman show, and has guest-starred in over 30 of the top television shows of the last 20 years, including FriendsCSI and CSI: Miami24NCISBonesCastle, and Modern Family.

Formerly a Program Director at Stand & Deliver, a boutique communication consulting firm, Michelle has an MBA from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, earning the distinction of valedictorian. Along with a BA from UCLA in Psychology and Masters Degree studies in Spiritual Psychology, she is also an MBTITM (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Certified Practitioner.

An energetic and dynamic speaker, Michelle has worked internationally with Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries, including AbbVie, American Express, Cisco, Deloitte, Genentech, PepsiCo, Randstad, and Sony.

It’s time to find your X-FACTOR and fast-track

your career.


I offer a 100% full refund if you take the entire course and don't feel you got your money's worth.


Want a peek inside the course?

Watch short clips from each module below.

Defining Presence

  • Get concrete definitions for authenticity, confidence, and purpose – the building blocks of personal power
  • Discover a practical way to develop your presence and charisma
  • Explore how you can bring more relatability and gravitas into your presence

Authenticity - Who Are You

  • Explore insecurities and limiting beliefs that keep you from being authentic
  • Develop techniques for deeper self-awareness and appreciation
  • Increase your self-esteem and gain a more well-rounded understanding of your strengths, values, and what makes you unique

Confidence - What You Can Do

  • Find answers to why you often don’t feel as confident as you should
  • Learn where you can sabotage yourself as you pursue goals based on past experiences, feedback from others, and social comparison
  • Get the Top 5 strategies for boosting your confidence before an important presentation

Purpose - Make An Impact

  • Identify what drives you so that you can feel more motivated and engaged
  • Connect your tasks and goals to internal rewards that are more meaningful
  • Get intentional about your vision and the impact you’d like to make on your audience

Design Your Message

  • Create an outline for your presentation with a storytelling framework used by Hollywood screenwriters
  • Expand your messaging with a rhetorical toolbox that will help make your details interesting and memorable
  • Add a clear structure to your presentation so that listeners’ can follow the plot

Deliver The Emotion

  • Watch in-depth master classes on how to use your face, body, and voice in your presentation
  • See how to express authenticity, confidence, and purpose in your delivery
  • Get simple techniques that professional actors use to be more emotionally expressive

"The experience of working with Michelle is easily one of the top moments of my career. Michelle not only helped me prepare for the presentation, but she also helped me with communication and life skills that I will carry with me for the remainder of my career."

- Joseph S., Managing Director

"Michelle's course was simple, informative, insightful, relatable and transformative. Her content is presented in a way that could be understood by performance experts, as well as people who are at the beginning stages. I'm very glad I went through her course and I highly encourage all public speakers, no matter your experience level, to allow Michelle to assist you."
- Roderick Talley, Author & Speaker

"Michelle was a pleasure to work with. She helped me to find my own voice and be able to develop materials that reflected my true character. This made it so much easier to present the material. Then Michelle helped me to bring out the best in my own delivery by finding ways to let my personality shine through."

-Rebecca C., Partner

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